Deviation Backgrounds

Select a deviation background to elevate and promote your art.



Love Meter

The experimental new Love Meter lets you tell DeviantArt just how much a deviation matches your tastes. Don’t worry; this information stays private. Based on your rating, content in the sidebar will be personalized to you. In the future, your ratings will influence the art you see across the site, making it easier to find new deviations and artists that fit your tastes.


Comment Likes

You can now show your appreciation for thoughtful comments, in-depth critiques, or well-worded responses by “liking” them.  Commenters will be notified and number of likes will be displayed, giving high-quality comments a boost.




& Collecting

Managing your favourite deviations is now even easier! You can quickly find that collection you’re looking for with a visual grid of your collections, simplifying the organization of everything you love.



View Modes

View deviations in either theater or full screen modes for your utmost comfort and preference.


Deviation Stats

Stat presentation has been improved so you can see how many people — and who — have commented on or favourited a deviation.


Location & Subject Tags

Credit the focus of your deviation with subject tags, whether an object, location, character or model. You can now give your model(s) proper credit by tagging them in your deviations. Find and browse through other deviations with the same tags.



The new literature editor gives you more control and more options on how to present your written works. From formatting to imagery, your compositions will now be a visually beautiful as their words.



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